Undergraduate courses

 ATOC 1050: 
Weather and the Atmosphere – Severe and Hazardous Weather: We all experience the weather and the weather impacts our activities. Learn more about it in ATOC 1050.

ATOC 3050Explores the processes that influence middle latitude weather including atmospheric thermodynamics, cloud and precipitation processes, atmospheric dynamics, air masses and fronts, and mid-latitude cyclones.


ATOC 3180: This course is designed to provide a broad overview of aviation meteorology and advance students’ understanding of the atmosphere for the purpose of maximizing aircraft performance while minimizing exposure to weather hazards.

ATOC 4020: The course will provide students the experience of being part of a cohort of scholars with similar interests and a common focus.

ATOC 4550: This course will provide a broad overview of mountain weather and climate. What causes the snow in the Rocky Mountains to be “the greatest snow on earth”?

ATOC 4700: Trying to understand the basics of meteorological processes and forecasting, independent analysis of weather events, forecast preparation, and mastery of hand data analysis?

ATOC 4710: Provides a fundamental overview of the physics of Earth’s atmosphere. Topics include atmospheric composition, radiation and optics, thermodynamics, cloud physics and atmospheric electricity and lightning. 

ATOC 4720: Introduces the fundamental physical principles that govern the atmosphere, and provides an elementary description and interpretation of a wide range of atmospheric phenomena.

Graduate course

ATOC 5600 Physics and Chemistry of Clouds and Aerosols : Clouds and aerosols are ubiquitous in planetary atmospheres, where they impact climate, atmospheric chemistry, remote sensing, and weather. Applies basic microphysical, radiative, and chemical processes affecting particles to issues in the current literature.

ATOC 6020 Seminar in Atmospheric SciencesPrecipitation Systems: The seminar is a journey discovering universal physical processes and local effects of precipitation development, enhancement and maintenance around the world visiting places like the European Alps, Taiwan, Washington Cascades, California Sierra Nevada, and the Rocky Mountains. 

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