Freezing Rain

March 2022 – Mixed rainfall is a puzzle for meteorologists (Decouverte – Radio-Candada-Television)

Cloud Seeding

December 2022 – Making It Rain (WSJ Podcast)

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September 2022- The Climate Question (BBC World Service)

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August 2022 – Can we control the weather? (BBC  World Service)


March 2020 – We’ve been cloud seeding for decades, but now we finally know it works (Quirks & Quarks Quirks & Co; CBS Radio)


March 2020 – 4 Awesome Discoveries (NSF)

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March 2020 – Proving Success of Cloud Seeding (CPR- Colorado Matters)

Hail & Hail Accumulation

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Aug 2023 – Is Climate Change Causing More Record-Breaking Hail? (Scientific American)

Reservoir Evaporation


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October, 2023 –  Storm – Women of Marvel (Podcast – how people of all backgrounds are making a powerful and positive impact on our stories)
The ‘Women of Marvel’ Guide to Storm

April, 2017 — Future of Skiing – What does the future hold for snow? (Arapaho Basin Ski Resort)

Wind Energy (WFIP2)