Boulder Snow Experiment 2010

This experiment is a collaboration between the U. of Colorado and the North Carolina State University (Prof. Sandra Yuter) conducted between 1 March – 30 April 2010.

Current observations (updated every 15 min):                                                                

Microwave rain radar (MRR1)

Disdrometer (Disd1)





Instrument setup:

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We thank Scott Kittelman, James Rudolph for setting up the instruments,
Sam LeBlance, Peter Pilewskie, and John Cassano for providing
measuremenets from the skywatch laboratory.


To download the data:

1.) Contact for Username/Password

2.) Log onto

3.) To download data go to


Days with precipitation (Notes are in MT):

9 March: Light rain in the evening

10 March:  Snow/rain in afternoon/evening

14 March:  light snow/rain entire day

18/19 March: snow started ~0700 UTC

23/24 March: heavy snow

26 March: Rain/snow in the afternoon

1 April: short convective event

6 April: Graupel at night

7 April: light snow at night and morning

17 April: light rain in afternoon

22 April: thunderstorm early afternoon (6pm) followed by heavy rain

23 April: rain throughout the day, heavy rain in the afternoon

24 April: rain -> snow in the morning

28/29 April: light rain in the evening and snow in the morning