ATOC5600 Homework/Excercises/Readings/Projects

Homework Homework #1 (21 Sept)

Homework Homework #1 (21 Sept)
    Skew-T/log-p diagram (zoom)
Homework #2
    esat_temp diagram: water, water/ice
Homework #3
EX01 (due 2 Sept)
EX02 (due 16 Sept)
Research Projects:

Guidelines for oral presentations            Guidelines for proposal writing

Schedule for oral presentations              Guidelines for proposal review


1) Human impact on regional and climate weather (Ben Castellani 26 Oct)

2.) Aviation effects on weather and climate (Rasmus Pedersen 26 Oct)

3.) Rain in Cumulus over the Ocean (RICO) – (Rui Li 28 Oct)

4.) North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME)(Cody Phillips 28 Oct)

5.) Tropical cloud systems and processes including African Monsoon (Tracy Emerson 28 Oct)

6.) Atmospheric Rivers

7.) Mesoscale Alpine Programme (Robert Marshal 2 Nov)

8.) Mesoscale Convective Systems around the World (Luke Amer 28 Oct)

9.) The Mei-Yu (plum rain) season

10.) The Rotunno-Klemp-Weissman theory

11.) Do glaciers in Europe grow or retreat?

12.) Orographic precipitation in different climate regions (Andrew Kren 2 Nov)

13.) CLOUDSAT and the cloud-aerosol lidar and infrared pathfinder satellite observation (CALIPSO)

14.) Growth, structure, and measurements of hailstones

15.) Supercooled water (Timothy Reed 4 Nov)

16.) Winter storms

17.) Remote Sensing of Clouds: Modis and CALIPSO (Danielle Nuding 4 Nov)

18.) Titan thermodynamics and methane clouds (Erik Larson 4 Nov)

19.) Observing Convective Weather with Polarimetric Radar (Evan Kalina 9 Nov)

20.) Ice-particle Icing Engine Events (Jennifer Black 9 Nov)

21.) Aerosol Optical Depth: Modeling, Retrieving and Uncertainty (Shi Song 4 Nov)