25 April – review session 27 April in HUMN 135 !!!!


25 April – review session 27 April in HUMN 135 !!!!

Meg will do a review session on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The Tuesday (4/26) session will be held in ENVD 120 from 5-6pm. !!!!! For the Wednesday (4/27) session we reserved a larger classroom from 5-6pm in HUMN 135!!!!! Meg will also do another review session on Tuesday May 3rd from 5-6pm. At this point we are still looking for a room. I will let you know as soon as we know.

The final exam will be on Wednesday May 4th between 2-3pm in G1B30.


8 April – exercise session 13 April in G125 !!!!

The exercise session on Wednesday April, 13th will be held from 5-6pm in the Duane Physics class room G125.


16 March – Retake of Exam#2

I will give another exam#2 on Wednesday 16 March 200-250pm covering chapters 6, 7, 8, and homework. Anyone is allowed to take it (including those
with Version A). You will get the higher of the two  grades, so that you have the choice not to take it if you did well the first time and you can redeem yourself if you didn’t do well the first time, regardless of the reasons.

There will also be the make-up exam on Friday 18 March 200-250pm covering chapters 1-9 and homework. Anyone is also allowed to take this one as well if Wednesday does not work out for you.


28 February – TOM experiment

For more information about the TOM experiment visit our web site <<here>> or download the student info sheet <<here>>


10 February – Test your understanding and keys to exercise

I uploaded the keys to the exercises which can be found at Lecture notes section.

I uploaded files that include tests and exercises that you can use to test your understanding. You can find these files under Test your skills section.


10 February – ATOC 1050 Exercise sessions

Starting Tue 15 Feb, Meg VanSciver will offer exercise sessions on
TUE 5-6pm at ENVD 120
WED 5-6pm at STAD136C

She will go through the exercises and some clicker questions. Both sessions will cover the same material. If you attend one session per week you can replace one quiz or get 0.5% extra credit for each visit.


8 February – TOM experiment

Please send an email to Katja.Friedrich at if you are interested in participating in the TOM: Teaching flow Over Mountain experiment which will cover 2 snow storms between 1 March – 15 April. You will visit the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) deployment site during one of the snow storms and will oversee radar measurements. After the deployment you will do an assignment which is related to the measurements. You can replace the weather notebook assignment with this activity or/and earn 10% extra credits. For more information go <<here>>


8 February – ATOC Study Center

Please use the ATOC Study Center. Advanced ATOC students will tutor and guide you through HW assignments, exam prep, general questions, etc. Meetings are held 5-7PM in Duane E126 (Mon & Wed) or Tue/Thurs 5-7PM in the Hart Lab (in the Stadium between gates 5 and 6, through the door labeled ‘ATOC Weather Lab’. Classroom on the left).


2 February

In preparation for the homework (14 Feb) and exam (11 Feb) there will be 2 session dedicated to revise the material:

Tuesday. February 8: 500pm-630pm EDUC 220
Wednesday, February 9: 500pm-630pm MUEN E0046

If you have questions about the material please contact Meg and go to the TA office hours (Tues 1230-130pm and Wed 500-600pm).


21 January

Updated grades are now posted on CULearn. If your clicker is not registered your clicker grade is not posted on the grade web page. As soon as you register your clicker all of your clicker points will be recorded. Information on registering your clicker can be found here.

Please finish Exercise 1.5 Latent Heat (Chapter 1) until Monday Jan 24th.

There will be no class on Wednesday January 26th.


11 January

A PDF version of the class intro Powerpoint, which will be shown during class on Monday January 10th, can be downloaded here.

The ATOC 1050 TA is Meg VanSciver 
Office hours Tuesday 12:30AM to 1:30PM and Wednesday 5:00PM to 6:00PM STAD 252.

PhET is looking for volunteers to try out their new simulations. Please check out their website and contact Kelly Lancaster.


How do I read (and print) PDF files?

The PDF files available on this class web site can be read using the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To download this software click here.

This software is also available on computers in the university computer labs.  




ATOC1050 section 2 will meet in DUAN G1B30 from 2:00-2:50PM on MWF.

The book “Severe and Hazardous Weather: An Introduction to High Impact Meteorology – Third Edition” by Rauber, Walsh, and Charlevoix is the required text for this class. In addition we will be using clickers in class.

All students in this class are required to buy both the text and the clickers, which are available from the university bookstore.

More information on the use of clickers in this class can be found here.

You can download a copy of the class syllabus and lecture schedule here.